AutismHWY Chalk Festival

2018 Chalk Art - Covina Today - Spring


JOIN US  on Saturday,  April 14th 2018. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. !


Our 8th event continues our expansive convergence of love. The growing voice and presence of Autistic people empowers something  BIGGER for the world community! This is what we amplify and celebrate artistically!!

THIS YEAR’S DREAM THEME can be a part of your design if you like!


Follow all of the event details as they come in…

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*3D Specialist TRACY LEE STUM will be joining us.

Award winning Artist, Activist, Educator SABRINA ZARCO will be here!!




We are proud to continue our fantastic partnership with the founders of the WORLD AUTISM FESTIVAL!  The Autistic owned company ANCA Naturally Autistic on their way to Bled SLOVINIA for their WORLD TOUR 2018!! Follow their exciting activities HERE WoW!


The talented Silke Heyer CF Architect and partner!
The talented Silke Heyer CF Architect and partner!



2017 EVENT VIDEO by Manuel Valenzuela!!


2016 EVENT VIDEO by Manuel Valenzuela!!


Southern California’s HOTTEST Autism Acceptance  Event is  powerfully joined again by representatives of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network  and plan to see more factions of activists every year moving forward. PACLA~Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance  and the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library will be represented with posters and hand-outs. INSIDE INFORMATION that parents NEED to pick up on! Autism Spectrum Athletics have signed ON as event fiscal SPONSOR ! Very exciting local sports league for Autistic athletes. San Gabriel Valley Strong!!

Charter Oak Unified School District is a fantastic event sponsor and judging partner for our day of amazing street paintings!

FANTASTIC event partner Vanllee Hotel and Suites! Making it easy for our VIP’s to stay in town!


 Emergence PAST the puzzle pc.  by Chalk~Girl Lysa Ashley


Lysa Ashley's masterpiece!
                                                                  Lysa Ashley’s masterpiece!


The AutismHWY Chalk festival’s goal of amplifying  cutting edge information from amazing Autistic activists, Artists and non-Autistic allies is the genesis for this family festival! Educating and providing the attendees with USEFUL ideas from the  Autism inside track. Autistic people KNOW best Autism practices. We seek improvement in the ‘knowledge dynamics’ that will drive families toward successful future inner~standings of each other on the AutismHWY!

Delegates from ANCA’s World Autism Festival flew in for the 2017 event and made a huge impact as always!! This year we will again see ~LIZ PRITCHARD Paperbag Comic  &  RissaP ~CARISSA PACCERELLI !

Kelly Green, Joel Anderson, Carissa Paccerelli, Elizabeth Pritchard and Phoebe Murer
Kelly Green, Joel Anderson, Carissa Paccerelli, Elizabeth Pritchard and Phoebe Murer

Our event is a great place for families and friends to connect  respectfully with HeART -for Autism and Neurodiversity!! Heritage Plaza Park located at 400 N. Citrus Ave. in downtown Covina at our beautiful home to spend the day- bring whatever you would need for an all day event at the park!! Look for natural artistic connections connections all day! Many of us constantly looking forward to seeing each other at this outdoor ART GALLERY each and every year!! cf6 scooters  Scooter’s Italian Ice had a line all day long ThankYOU again! We Will SEE YOUR Cart in the morning and the VAN after lunch! Yummy!!

EMPOWERMENT through SELF~EXPRESSION. Again will be served..All DAY and OH SO sweet! SEE YOU SOON!


APRIL, 14TH…2018!


Autism Hwy logo Red Butterfly

Autistic pride



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