Sweet Chalk Dreams 2018

4-16-11-6 AZAUTISM01

As we gear up for our 8th AutismHWY Chalk Festival event we must pay gratitude and acknowledge that dreams DO come true!
AutismHWY had an action plan: to set aside ~One day every year for: Autistic people to connect with each other while making art and having FUN also connecting ourselves to community in that process. Taking our free expression DIVERSITY to the streets.
A glorious DAY of art, info, sunshine and chalk! It’s really been a blast of LOVE and COLOR from our very first community canvas; seen above to our original event signage seen below!

chalkfest og

OUR BIGGEST DREAM to have an iconic event every year centered around Autistic people is now a REALITY! This will be our 5th year in partnership with the beautiful City of Covina and our 8th yr. overall. Our now permanent location of Heritage Plaza Park 400 N. Citrus Ave. Covina California has also been a dream come true.
It’s the right space at the right time for us to spread our wings and fly our free expressions as we move ahead toward 2020 visions.
To pay tribute to our successful “dreamed up” reality we are introducing a DREAM THEME this year in addition to our usual diversity celebratory theme.

Luxuriating in a wonderful pillow sadieloug brings restful SLEEP which in turn brings wellness, productivity and sweet DREAMS transmitting creativity to us while at rest. Let’s create imagery that honors the IMPORTANCE and magical knowledge dreams can deliver to us. Incredible LOVE, insights and knowledge that can help make sense of and fulfill our wakeful lives.
Let’s chalk up some SWEET CHALK DREAMS 2018…and beyond!

Kelly Green writes as admin for the Autism Chalk Art website.

Kelly is the mother to a very vocal, non-speaking teenaged Autistic son. The founder of AutismHWY and the AutismHWY Chalk Festival she also creates the Making Friends with Autism Coloring Book Series. She seeks to amplify the voice of Autistic people helping the world to realize their great significance past, present and future.