Standing IN Judgment

There is so much talk of judgement in the world these days. Who should or should not be judged. People decry judgements in daily conversation and connection… however, judgement is evolutionarily crucial and needed in life for healthy transformations.

Activist’s use judgment to assess morality and integrity within the toxic societies we reside in. Judgments are needed and help us breakdown the very barriers that confine us. The barriers Autistic people ‘activate’ against! Judgments that create barriers seen and unseen.gavel

Examine the judgments about Autism and Autistic people that have been activated against them. Judgments which have hindered their very existence. Judgments that shackle their freedom of Autistic expression and movement in this world…daily.

At the chalk festival judgment literally looks down!! This year we have created an exciting NEW regime in judgment! OUR beloved original feature Artist Bj Lane will evolve into the position of head judge. Judgment in chief if you will!!

Bj Lane is an amazing Southern California based artist I have long admired. In 2010 Bj and I finally met at the L.A. County Fair, bj lane realizing we had far more in common than our love for ART. Upon meeting Wyatt and myself, Bj told us she was also on the AutismHWY raising an Autistic daughter; Tammy that was now a lovely young woman!

I invited Bj to join us in building the chalk festival right then and there. For 5 yrs. she has wowed us with her street art work and the crowning achievement last year…her Temple Grandin chalk masterpiece.

A view from above
A view from above
Photo reference
Photo reference

So, as we move into our 6th year Bj will now judge others ART for us ALL!

10 awards for 10 Artist’s. Two tiers, 5 awards each for Professional and Amateur street Artists!

Best of Show-Best Color-Autistic Pride Design-Most Originality and Most Comical!

Saturday April 9th come out to see the beautiful images to assign judgment upon!! Joining Bj in her judgments will be Artist/Photographer, longtime Covina Cultural Arts Commissioner Bob Orso.

Bob photobombing at the Citrus College GumbyFest!
Bob photobombing at the Citrus College GumbyFest!

Bob brings a great eye to the panel and we are pleased to have him on board.

Our third and final Judge for this years illustrious panel will be two time Chalk festival Award winner Carissa Paccerelli! This will be Carissa’s fourth time chalking our event and we are so proud she has agreed to add her Autistic eye for detail in judgement as well!

2 time Chalk Festival Award Winner Carissa Paccerelli and her “Messy Stitch”


What a well rounded group of ‘judgy judgers who judge’ whom will be judging all of this years’s Chalk Festival  BRILLIANTLY! LOL…






Kelly Green writes as admin for the Autism Chalk Art website.

Kelly is the mother to a very vocal, non-speaking teenaged Autistic son. The founder of AutismHWY and the creator of the Making Friends with Autism Coloring Book Series. She seeks to amplify the voice of Autistic people helping the world to realize their significance past, present and future.


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