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Paving An Emergent Cultural Canvas

There is truly something glorious about the explosive combination of people, colorful chalk and blank canvas pavement. This simple formula creates MAGIC. Just try it and experience the intense equation of personal power, love for this colorful life and the unveiling of one’s spirit. I see this each and every time I am in the vortex of this 1-2-3 equation. It is such fun when people spontaneously connect through chalk, time and self expression. It’s so moving to see; that more and more people, are feeling the chalky LOVE!


Last night at Covina Park, the Covina Parks and Recreation summer program…presented the last Movie Night of the summer featuring  Disney’s Zootopia! IMG_2608The Covina Police Department  was in full community connection engaging with the crowd while providing  fun trivia and prizes for audience participants. IMG_2638Before  the film began kids were encouraged to test their PD skills and given fun opportunity to get crafty by creating animal necklaces and trying out CHALK~ART!

Possibility now on the table!
Possibility now on the table!

So fun to see emerging artists with very definite passion, ideas and techniques. I was so impressed to see youngsters using their phones for image reference and color matching! WOW. A 6 yr. old at the chalk table looking for that perfect pinky/peach for an inner rabbit ear!

This young spirit was inspired by my rendition of the Zootopia logo and it’s pleasingly cool color palette. So fun to see this work emerge…

Another young artist after my own HeART!
Another young artist after my own HeART!

IMG_2632We LOVE Art too…with a big fat A! The ambitious young artist below really went for it! Check out this 3D Orca image he re-created from an image he dialed up on his phone! Way to go Carter!IMG_2637

So many stories of determination and complete connection to source! Isabel is becoming a veteran chalker! Look for her in 2017 at our April 1st AutismHWY Chalk Festival event.


Isabel and her masterpiece!
Isabel and her masterpiece!

I loved these twin brothers with Monsters Inc. on their dual minds…


Another fantastic thing you will see at chalking events, are tributes. Tributes that reflect the collective feelings and vibes of the generation, of what is felt currently. When iconic figures fall those people and concepts are often contemporaneously immortalized… lovingly in chalk. So timeless and timely ALL at ONCE.

IMG_2620But, OF COURSE!! Pokeman GO! Leave it to the pulse of children to ride the wave of the NOW collective. Picking right up soO intuitively on the times…that are 2016!



The young artist pictured below was excited to have created a Pokeman ball and Pikachoo to capture withOUT the cellphone!



IMG_2616Patterning in life is how we learn and build… idea after idea. We are scaffolding for each other from the GROUND up! This young artist really blows me away…


I am inspired too Ashley. Inspired to leave the E out of important concepts where EGO  gets in the way of love and joy. Foregoing an E every now and then would do us all a world of good. Thank YOU!

IMG_2633We all need to take advantage of the opportunity to create in spontaneous experience like this. It is at the HeART of our human nature and it feeds our souls. We were born to it and can all do it beautifully no matter who we are or how we are in time and space!

Be the creative amazing human beings we were ALL born to BE.



Kelly Green writes as admin for the Autism Chalk Art website.

Kelly is the mother to a very vocal, non-speaking teenaged Autistic son. The founder of AutismHWY and the AutismHWY Chalk festival she also creates the Making Friends with Autism Coloring Book Series. She seeks to amplify the voice of Autistic people helping the world to realize their significance past, present and future.