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Bj Lane and the Temple of HeART

bj chalk

Photo credits LANT ART


I grew up in Southern California with a father that was a man-hole contractor, he drove around the streets of L.A. making sure all of the new track home’s pipes were built and plugged into existing systems so all would flow. His concrete work is all over the state of California. In the 60’s and 70’s GPS was for airplanes and satellite’s not everyone and their brother and or sister…or non-specific sibling (you get my idea.)! I was a girl on the HWY with her dad in his truck. He never got lost that I can remember. When I became a young adult he was my go-to guy for directions if I had misplaced my old-school Thomas guide map book. Turns out my job was on the HWY. too. I loved that about he and I. Our HWY connection . I always feel close to him there.

The L.A. co. Fair always featured amazing local artist’s work and each year I was strangely drawn to a particular artist’s annual display. Bj Lane. Full of color and warm familiarity, cars, trucks and HWY’s. The San Gabriel Valley sights and sounds ablaze in color. My life growing up, I felt it gazing at the work. Every yr. my favorite display.

Fast forward to Fall of 2010. My annual trip to my beloved L.A. Co. fair Art building. For the first time ever Bj Lane was there! Oh my. Fan girl rushing to the easel with beautiful boy in tow, “Hello, hello Bj  Lane…I have admired—- oops.” Beautiful boy had plopped himself down comfortably on iconic Artist’s chair at current masterpiece with paint akimbo? OH MY!! I was terrified this could go very wrong, heart pumping…and all of a sudden strangely and awesomely, heart expands. As I recognize, Bj recognize beautiful boy’s Autism long after beautiful boy recognized Bj’s ease…el.

What a beautiful connection it was Bj told me about her beautiful girl. Two artist’s, two mom’s, two heart’s and a beautiful boy drinking in the ART at the L.A. Co. fair talking about Autism. At the time AutismHWY.com was under construction and it would not be live until a few months after that destined chance meeting.

In April of 2011 I contacted my beautiful new iconic friend, artist Bj Lane and recruited her and her talent to help me build this little Festival we would grow, nurture and LOVE.cf 1st-PosterHere is the very first poster for our event. (Yes, still using 2 exclamation points!!) Just look at what Bj Lane has  brought to each and every festival….This year we have a SPECIAL SURPRISE….

coming in part 2 of this Chalk festival Historical, ” Bj Lane and the Temple of HeART” by Kelly Green…stay tuned!

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bj lane