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Freeing Expressions, No Foolin’

Well, we are fast approaching OUR 7th year ‘Chalking it UP’ as a Southern California Autism Acceptance contingency! Sharing our colorful agenda has been a revolutionary process that will now unfold forever. Once your infrastructure rocks…there is no stopping it. The vast array of friends that have added and subtracted beautiful talented truths to the AutismHWY Chalk Festival EVENT has been astonishing. AutismHWY has been the lucky one here, meeting you all as differing converging constellations each year. It’s epic when we ‘energy swirl’ here in Covina each year. We are all tied to love and we artfully string that TOGETHER in stellar fashion!

Universal threads we ALL share in common.
                                             Universal threads we ALL share in common.

April 1st will be the start of something HUGE. Some of our International friends at ANCA Naturally Autistic will be chalk to the ground with US, here in Covina. Ambassadors of the ANCA World Autism Festival will be representing by weaving into the fabric of our fantastically fun chalk movement! Connecting our world wide web of ACCEPTANCE in style, while peacefully seeking to cinch up civil rights. Not just Pie in the Sky! Hearts on the ground with nowhere to go but, UP!
Connecting hearts and minds with the common goal of expressing OUR inside truths, our valid ideas and our all too human needs… goes straight to the heART and soul of all matter. ARTFULLY. Let’s pledge to always support Autistic culture by celebrating these expressions of bold acceptance. Acceptance  of our natural world and the self truths we all feel and need to make colorfully evident!

The talented Silke Heyer CF Architect and partner!
The talented Silke Heyer CF Architect and partner!

SEE YOU on the ground SOON!

Kelly Green writes as admin for the Autism Chalk Art website.

Kelly is the mother to a very vocal, non-speaking teenaged Autistic son. The founder of AutismHWY and the AutismHWY Chalk Festival she also creates the Making Friends with Autism Coloring Book Series. She seeks to amplify the voice of Autistic people helping the world to realize their great significance past, present and future.