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Bj Lane and the Temple of HeART : Portrait of a Virtual Chalking!

In the first half of this wonderful story I told of my fortuitous meeting with iconic Southern California Artist Bj Lane. I also mentioned that there was an interesting surprise ahead!

Chalking a square under the sun is an amazing and addictive experience. To lovingly place your Art on the pavement while feeling the vibrations of the earth is an exhilarating experience. Also a very taxing and hard on your body experience. I liken it to being an artistic athlete! It can be very grueling designing and executing a square all by yourself. That is why it is very smart to employ family and friends to “color in” for you. That becomes much of the fun in chalking, friends coloring together. It becomes a very communal and collaborative expression. Beautiful, hard work.

Carissa P's 2014 Award winner in the works.
Carissa P’s 2014 Award winner in the works.

Bj has had a very strenuous year. She relocated her families home and has been busy re-establishing new connections in a brand new community! We all must follow our instincts and honor ourselves by not over doing it. So we respect, that it will be too much for Bj Lane to travel to Heritage Plaza Park, Covina this year. Instead, she will chalk her 9’x9′ square at her Fallbrook, California home driveway!

This is where the story takes a very fun turn! We have always wanted to have every one “Chalk Where They Stand!” Chalk up something in Acceptance solidarity on the very day of our event each year; wherever you live, however you can. In a driveway, on a patio or even on a small indoor chalkboard! Flood the internet with global Artistic free spontaneous expression, Autistic Pride and JOY!Autistic pride

I asked Bj if she would create a chalk image of Temple Grandin. This is what I love about our event. It is graphic proof of the many amazing people on the spectrum contributing to humanity. In this instance Bj will be chalking up a legend. Currently, Temple enjoys the notoriety of being the only adult Autistic the world seems to recognize. Her work in the cattle industry is legendary. I have had the pleasure of being her acquaintance since 2011 and she makes a person feel as if they have always known her. Very humble and polite.  We look for a day when many other Autistic adults are recognized for the great things accomplished. Past, present and future!  Bj suggested we ask Temple which image of her she may like to see worked in chalk. Temple told me personally that she would choose this image.


Not hard to see why. I am very excited to see the VIRTUAL CHALKING of Bj Lane’s interpretation of this, Temple’s choice!

ON Saturday April 18th  Bj will post her pictures HERE showing the progression of her 2015 AutismHWY.com Chalk Festival ‘satellite’ square. You can check in here to see the photos at 9:00 a.m., 11:00a.m., 1:00 p.m. and finally view her fantastic finished product at 3:00 p.m.

Bj never disappoints!! So STAY TUNED…….for the LOVE of COWS!


Kelly Green writes as admin for the Autism Chalk Art website.

Kelly is the mother to a very vocal, non-speaking teenaged Autistic son. The founder of AutismHWY and the creator of the Making Friends with Autism Coloring Book Series. She seeks to amplify the voice of Autistic people helping the world to realize their significance past, present and future.




Chalking Up an Iconic Community!

2015 wings

Going into our 5th year as Southern California’s HOTTEST annual Autism Acceptance  event we are so excited about the talent continually joining our movement! Art, Autism and understanding. A beautiful celebration of diversity and friendship. Bridging that and all of our heART to the community. Our mission accomplished to have colorful and accepting FUN! Just take a look at what Carissa P chalked up last year…

Carissa's 2014 award winning design!
                                         CARISSA P’s  2014 award winning design!


As each year progresses we hope to see more and more tribute Art to Autistic culture; iconic Autistic people of the past, present and future. We LOVE it when Artists research the world of Neuro-diversity looking for ideas for their amazing creativity! Last year we had some fabulous designs with this focus in mind…

Lysa Ashley's 2014  Autistic Pride Design  winner!
                                          LYSA ASHLEY’s 2014 Autistic Pride Design winner! 

This year let’s keep up this tradition of chalking our favorite icons in the community. Favorite activists, mentors, scientists, scholars, athletes or personalities. Perhaps recreating some of our international friends ART on the pavement in COVINA at Heritage Plaza!  Maybe your own personal statement. Here are just a few cool ideas that we would love to see “chalked up”…..

WE Love this~ by GERHARD BECK
                                               WE Love this heart centered piece~ by GERHARD BECK
ANY of the amazing ART by our friends in The Art of Autism book!
ANY of the amazing ART by our friends in The Art of   Autism book!
A TRIBUTE to Leonard Nimoy's  Mr. SPOCK...
A TRIBUTE to Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. SPOCK…
Temple Grandin and her 'special interest.'
Temple Grandin and her ‘special interest.’
An Autistis PIN-UP Model!!...Sweet!!
Miss Nettie; An Autistic PIN-UP Model!!…Sweet!!


What about one of James McCue's many awe inspiring natural wildlife photographs?
What about one of James McCue’s many awe inspiring natural wildlife photographs?
The amazing style of Artist Nora Blansett and her Borealis Art!
                    We love the amazing style of Artist Nora Blansett and any of  her Borealis Art!



Holly Newcomer's snowflake son catching his own snowflake! BEAUTIFUL!
            Holly Newcomer’s snowflake son catching his own snowflake! BEAUTIFUL!
The imaginative TALENT of International CF Partner Silke Heyer
                    The imaginative TALENT of International Chalk Festival Partner Silke Heyer
Anything by the talented DANIEL JOEL PINTO!
                What amazing feelings  anything by Artist DANIEL JOEL PINTO will inspire!


                                                   This ethereal vision by:  UK Artist MARIA DEANE!


Nekea Blagoev's In- disguise.
             Try one of Australian artist  NEKEA BLAGOEV’s Very Clever Designs. ‘In- disguise.’
CLAY MARZO shredding through a wave!
 Pro surfer CLAY MARZO shredding thru a wave!  Chalking up OUR ICONS ~LET’S DO THIS!