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Annette Stanton Harkness: Always the Best of Show

Annette Stanton Harkness crossed our path on the AutismHWY in 2010. Her poetic words and photographic heart brought us into the same lane on many occasions. Watching her mentoring newly diagnosed Autistic women was almost as beautiful as she was. Her passion to enlighten people in her playful way is something we will miss dearly. Often times she and I would daydream about Annette’s alter-ego “Miss Nettie” appearing at the AutismHWY Chalk Festival! She so wanted to pose for photographs with friends and fans. We actively tried to make those plans come true.annette Last fall while attending the ANCA World Autism Festival in Vancouver Canada I received word that Annette had passed away. Just days past her September birthday.  A birthday we found that we shared. Our connection to Annette needed a special tribute.  So for this year’s festival an Angel whispered to me and led me to ask the intensely talented William Zin street painter extraordinaire to bring Miss Nettie out of the clouds and onto the ground for Chalk festival 2017. IMG_9447 Annette xo cf2017wz Bringing Miss Nettie to the show was one of the very best things that happened at this year’s lovefest! Our Annette…BEST of SHOW! cf2017wz1 IMG_3272IMG_3270 Thank you William Zin for making Annette’s showing  THE BEST!